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Welcome to London Hotels. We scour the internet to locate the best possible prices for your hotel accommodation, whether your visit to London is for business or pleasure. Use the search box on this page to find the top London hotel prices for your break. We promise that there are no hidden extras on our London hotels prices: there are no booking fees or other surprises. When you book your London hotel on our site you can secure your booking with your credit or debit card and then pay your hotel when you check out of your hotel.

Premier Inn London Wimbledon South St George's Victoria Alexandra Hotel
Premier Inn London Wimbledon South
27 Chapter Way, London
St George's Victoria
107 & 115 St. George's Drive, London
Alexandra Hotel
159 - 161 Sussex Gardens, London
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Waterloo Serviced Apartments The Lanesborough, A St. Regis Hotel Stratford Apartments
Waterloo Serviced Apartments
264 Waterloo Road, London
The Lanesborough, A St. Regis Hotel
Hyde Park Corner, London
Stratford Apartments
49 Caister Park Road, London

Rooms can be found in London hotels in virtually every price range imaginable. So what can you expect and for what price? Well we have done some research on this and more to help you plan the perfect vacation. This is a great place to begin planning your trip if you will be staying in London hotels even for a night or two.

There is no way to predict an actual price. This will have many variables. You can usually find accommodations to fit in any budget though. You can get discounts by booking in advance. The farther in advance you begin to plan your stay the better as this will give you time to shop around and find what you are looking for at the price you want.

Off season usually gets better rates as well. If you can wait until tourist season dies down then there is a good chance you can get special deals on your airfare and your lodging in London hotels. This is a great way to get the best rates plus popular sites are less crowded.

You may qualify for a package deal. This may include you airfare along with your stay in one of many London hotels and possible tours or other activities. These packages vary in price as much as the rooms so planning ahead is still your best bet at getting a great deal. Packages may also be priced better during non-peak times.

A travel agent may be able to help as well. They know all of the ins and outs as well as when cost saving deals will be coming up. These people make a living at helping others plan trips and they know the best times to buy and what packages will best suit your needs. Another plus is that they have extensive knowledge of London hotels and can tell you the best places to stay for the best rates.

Many options are available. Opting for a larger room or a hot tub may run up the price a bit. If you want cheap then go for a standard room at a decent motel. This is usually the best way to get the most for your money if you are on a budget.

If this is your first trip to the United Kingdom then it may be a bit daunting at first trying to find your way around. One helpful tip is that a tube station is similar to what Americans might call a subway or train station. They also have taxis available if you prefer to travel alone.

Driving laws are a bit different so you may want to become familiar with them before you rent a car. If you choose not to drive then make sure you are familiar with the public transportation system or that you can hire a car and driver for the duration of your stay. This should be a priority when booking your trip.

When searching for London hotels, be sure to consider location. This can be an important element to assuring an enjoyable vacation. If you are miles away from the nearest attractions and restraint then you might spend much of your time going to and from your hotel rather than enjoying everything this country has to offer.

A tour guide may be able to help you find your way around. They also know the best places to see and eat while in the country. This is a great way to have a wonderful experience without chancing getting hopelessly lost in an unfamiliar country. This may also allow you to visit places you would otherwise miss out on. Transportation may be included in your tour package.

One popular activity is the movie tours in London. These will take you to spots where popular scenes from movies and television were filmed. You can see the country side from a new light and this is enjoyable for the whole family. If you are a movie lover this this is the chance of a lifetime.

Don't be afraid to read reviews. This can give you a lot of helpful information and allow you to plan ahead. Reviews should be published by an independent site to be sure that they are legitimate. Be wary of any hotel that only has outstanding reviews. Most often you will find that at least one or two people had small complaints even about the best of hotels, especially those that are reasonably priced.

If you are unsure of the places you would like to visit in the United Kingdom then there are several travel sites that you can visit. Many can alert you to the best sites and times to visit. They also have brochures available for the general public. This can help you plan your stay and make the most of the time you have.

Some tours may need to be booked well in advance. When booking your stay at any of the London hotels you may ask if they can help with any other arrangements such as tickets to plays or booking tours if you choose not to use an agent.

If you become restless at night then there is plenty of entertainment to be found. You can visit the numerous pubs or clubs. Live music may also be available and London is known for performing arts. Tickets may need to be purchased in advance for some events.

Steeped in history with all of the modern conveniences, this is a must for the vacation of a lifetime. Some of the attractions date back thousands of years. Many people visit the United Kingdom time and again. If you have never been then you are sure to fall in love and if you have then come back and fall in love all over again.

Whether you are looking for a bed and breakfast or the finest of London hotels, if you do a bit of research and planning then you can have the time of your life in the United Kingdom. Nowhere on earth is quiet like this country and there is much to see and do.